Canning Food Container Inspection

The can inspection system are able to check the cans end can body; both inside and outside. Supports high speed at Up to 1000 pieces per minute. We can modify program during system run.


Blister Pack Inspection

The Blister Pack Inspection Machine can check every color of pill on any packing material, whether it is white or brown, as well as aluminum. We can unsure the quantity of pill and protect miss pack.


Expiring Date Inspection

The production date system expiration date ensures that customers are sure. There will be no product that is not printed, date or printed, incomplete, illegible, off the production line. Supports both Ink Jet, Laser mark and Thermal print.

Rubber and Tire Inspection

Rubber measuring system after extruding machine Check the wire in the tire check Run out check the thickness of the tire.

Automotive Part Inspection

Check assembly Do not make a mistake Measure the size of parts Check Color Fuse Color Cord


Hard Disk Drive and Electronic

Check case shape Check HDD model
Check position of parts


Cap and Label Inspection Machine