Machine Vision ImageChecker PV500V2

The PV500 is Panasonic's most powerful stand-alone Machine Vision system. Its innovative hardware and software helps to increase the efficiency of your automation and quality- control tasks.

The all-round system is suitable for most of the typical industrial applications.

Increasing a manufacturer's productivity was the major aim for developing this product. Thanks to its very fast processing, its high precision and its flexibility, the PV500 solves inspection tasks easily, cost-efficiently, and extremely fast.The PV500 is also prepared for your future applications: its robust design, a wide selection of inspection tools and regular software updates ensure that the investment in a PV500 gives you long lasting benefits.

The three technologies, including Penta-Processor, DSP processing, and pipeline processing, enabled triple buffer processing.

Testing function reduces risks.
Programs can be tested using stored images without stopping the running production line, preventing defects from being caused by a program editing error.

Programs can be changed in run mode without affecting productivity. (Patent pending)
Programs can be changed without stopping the running production line, allowing smooth adjustments for product type switching or precision improvements.

Inspection settings can be modified at any time.
Inspection settings can be quickly modified at any time on the Data R/W screen.