• WIZER is an all-in-one vision software product to build up your machine vision applications quickly without any programming.
  • The tool library on the right provides many standard vision tools such as image acquisition, calibration, alignment, measurement, counting, code reading, position locator, etc.…. This can be expanded with additional customized tools
  • Each tool has its own graphical representation in the workspace, which allows you to see every step of your vision application whilst scrolling the workspace
  • The image-centric layout allows you to configure the application through Drag & Drop without the need to write a single line of code

Why Machine Vision

  • Faster
  • More Consistent in results
  • Operate Longer Hours without rest

Advantages Of Machine Vision

  • Improve Quality
  • Reduce Defects
  • Improve Traceability
  • Reduce Costs
  • Increase Factory Output

What is in WIZER Software?

NO PRIOR PROGRAMMING needed to configure and deploy vision applications
ABILITY TO CUSTOMIZE your own inspection application as Plug-Ins for difficult / challenging applications
SIMPLIFIED GUI can be created to suit the production requirement for ease of use for the operators and technicians
IMPROVE PRODUCTIVITY as time taken to deploy a reliable vision system is much shortened without the need to spend weeks writing complex customized software for each vision applications

CAPABILITY FOR MULTI-PROCESSING with multi camera viewer applications

ABILITY TO CUSTOMIZE to run in the equipment software and to set & get parameter externally during the WIZER runtime mode.

The page where the user create the inspection program by drag and drop concept.


abiz wizer 02

Process Menu

abiz wizer 05

Using Drag & Drop concept to select the appropriate vision tools for deployment in full inspection process ………all without any programming

Support all levels of vision development from novice users to advanced users

Reduced dependence on skilled vision programmers to create vision applications

Lead time to create vision applications can be shortened

abiz wizer 03


abiz wizer 04

Application – Code Reader & OCR

abiz wizer 06


abiz wizer 07

Application – Alignment

abiz wizer 08

Application – Alignment & Measurement

abiz wizer 09

Case Studies Using WIZER

abiz wizer 10

Industrial Applications

abiz wizer 11


abiz wizer 12