Gocator 1300 Series


Gocator Displacement Sensors

Displacement Sensors for Inline Inspection


Gocator displacement sensors are non-contact laser distance measurement devices that are ideal for determining 3D thickness, height, and surface roughness. The sensors operate at speeds up to 32,000 Hz and ideal for closed loop control or inline inspection of manufactured parts. These sensors are available in various pre-calibrated models for different measuring ranges and resolutions and include built-in support for encoders and multi-sensor synchronization to support demanding inspection needs.
Ideal for real-time closed-loop automation, Gocator displacement sensors operate at exceptionally high speeds. They are ideal for in-line inspection, non-contact dimensional measurements, such as height and thickness, or surface roughness. Important features include:


  • Pre-calibrated and ready to measure
  • Scalable to a synchronized multiple sensor network
  • Small footprint
  • Set-up and control via a web browser
  • Rich I/O and PLC support
  • Open source SDK