Intelligence Runs in the Family Customize Your Gocator 3D Smart Sensor with Open Source SDK Easily Create Dual and Multi-3D Sensor Networks

Intelligence Runs in the Family

What makes these 3D sensors stand out from the crowd? Everything you need is built inside a single device. Unlike other 3D scanning solutions and vision inspection systems that use external controllers and third party software, Gocator performs 3D scan, measurement and control functions within the sensor itself. This signature all-in-one automation technology makes Gocator capable of exceptional performance across a wide variety of non-contact, in-line inspection applications. Plus, each Gocator sensor comes factory pre-calibrated to deliver 3D scanning and 3D inspection results out-of-the-box.

Gocator's advanced 3D measurement technology quickly measures critical object dimensions and automatically executes pass/fail controls. Its built-in data processing engine delivers scores of accurate data in real-time. Gocator is easy to set up and run, communicates to factory floor equipment from any web browser and seamlessly interfaces with a variety of existing control systems including PLCs using Ethernet, digital, analog, and/or serial output.

Gocator makes 3D inspection and 3D scanning easy. Start thinking Gocator today.

Customize Your Gocator 3D Smart Sensor with Open Source SDK

We believe in empowering our customers. The SDK (software development kit) provides you with complete control and management of Gocator 3D Smart Sensor to fit your specific needs. Use the Gocator SDK to create network TCP/IP connections, stream data into circular buffers, parse XML settings, and manage multiple threads. With all of the C-based code provided, you can decide exactly how Gocator acquires and processes data on any computer or mobile device you want.

Easily Create Dual and Multi-3D Sensor Networks

With LMI Master controllers you can easily expand from a single 3D sensor to dual 3D sensor and multi-sensor systems of up to 24 seamlessly interconnected Gocators, increasing your total field-of-view and achieving greater scan coverage without ever compromsing the quality of your scan results. Plus, sensor synchronization is automatic and easy to manage.

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Measure 3D thickness, height, and surface roughness at up to 32,000 Hz with Gigabit Ethernet data delivery with these accurate single point laser measurement devices.

Rapidly create cross-sectional profiles for measuring features of an object’s surface. And by moving an object under the laser line, you can create many profiles that can be combined into a full 3D shape for volumetric analysis.
The industry’s first all-in-one smart snapshot sensor simplifies assembly feature inspection with powerful 3D visualization, built-in measurement tools, and real-time control decision capabilities so you can focus on quality results.